Krika Boxes 100% Powered by Domotz

Krika box classic: a must for every project

The best way to run the Domotz platform, this ultra-reliable piece of custom designed hardware should be one of the first products on your project specifications.

Low cost and quick to install and configure, the Krika Box is also perfect for keeping on your installation vans to add existing projects to your Domotz portfolio.

Hardware features : Power adapter and network cable, Support for VLANs, 1GB RAM, 1GB Ethernet, 4GB eMMC storage.

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Krika one: it’s back, and it’s powered by domotz.

“Oh no, not another computer. I won’t buy, it I can do it myself !”

What makes the Krika One so unique, how simple and clever choices have brought an innovative and elegant solution to most technical issues, and how it is tearing down “status quo” thinking.